• Study Chinese in China


    My story encompasses a mission to study Chinese in China and how it led me to starting a successful education business called China Immersion.

  • One great chance


    The best part of my job was to see people coming back to hotel, when they recognized me were happy to share their adventures, burdens, thoughts with me.

  • Beijing last link in love story


    DeGroot: The Great Wall of China is the last love lock I care about as it's a place that we both would love to visit and would be perfect for her to go see it and just have that symbol there for her.

  • Ravi Shankar: the wind beneath my wings


    As journalists, we are the ones asking the questions, seeking the answers, looking for that exclusive photo or interview.

  • My life in Guangzhou


    I am Chief Engineer of Vehicle Integration. My team takes care of the full vehicle, specifying and then combining all together the several systems of the car.

  • Storm of praise for wind expert


    Andreas DuBois has visited Qingdao, a coastal city in East China's Shandong province, several times. But recently, the 56-year-old a wind-power expert had his first holiday there courtesy of the Chinese government. The trip was its way of thanking him for his contribution to the country.