Working for a startup will advance your career at the speed of light

There has been no better time in modern era to launch or join a technology startup. The cost of starting an Internet business, for instance, is now within reach; gone are the days when a huge amount of capital was needed to launch one. In fact, launching a web product or service used to cost […]

Entrepreneurship week at uOttawa: a first step in the right direction

I’ve always believed that Universities have the potential of making or breaking a startup ecosystem. After all, the University is an institution where brains are made, and more importantly, it is the only social institution where people from different walks of life (read: religion, ethnicity, color, gender, etc ) meet, debate and exchange ideas. One […]

Book Review: ‘Remote’ by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

If you are managing a technology company you might have asked yourself at various stages of your company’s growth whether allowing your employees to work remotely is feasible. Will their productivity diminish as a result? How will I be able to watch over their shoulders? How do I know they’re working 9am to 5pm? Can […]